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Save on your health
Save on your health

Stress free your commute
Stress free your commute

Varied social commute
Varied social commute

No extra car for office
No extra car for office

Save on fossil fuel
Save on fossil fuel

Save time on commute
Save time on commute

Save money on commute
Save money on commute

Save environment
Save environment

Get a safer commute
Get a safer commute

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CSR Benefits

To Public

Less Cars on Roads with Ride Sharing means

  • less pollutant gases emitted
  • less dust particles in air
  • reduced congestion
  • safer driving conditions
  • Reduced usage of fossil fuels
  • All the above leads to

  • healthier and happier conditions for the family
  • easier driving conditions
  • lower stress while traveling on road
  • spend more time with family or leisure
  • socially be more active
  • more money on hand for leisure and savings

To Corporations

Less Cars on Roads with Ride Sharing means

  • less late arrivals due to spikes in jams
  • less early departures due to prevailing jams
  • less stressed entry of employee' to office
  • less demand for parking lots
  • less usage of official transportation
  • All the above leads to

  • employees arrive more relaxed and happier
  • improved on-time arrivals of employees
  • reduced sick leaves
  • considerable cost savings in providing official transportation
  • improved use of office realty space due to less parking requirements
  • employees are not bound by traffic conditions to leave after work
  • productivity gains due to overall improvement in living conditions
  • good networking and teamwork among coworkers


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More about us

Hapi Rides, is a simple car sharing app that provides an easy interface to share a ride in own or other’s cars. You can set your time of trip in advance or you can leave it till the last minute. It quickly matches you with all other Hapi Riders based on many thoughtfully designed custom preferences

Hapi Rides is designed and developed for people who travel to work and back home to same or few places regularly. But it can be adapted to more diverse situations

Hapi Rides is available on mobile phones only using Android or iOS platforms. Please follow the link on 'Downloads' section to download the App or search “Hapi Rides” in Play Store or App Store

Hapi Rides needs your mobile number for authentication, full name, your close-up picture for profile picture, gender and your email id

Hapi Rides authenticates user using their mobile phones. When an user signs up providing a mobile phone, we send an OTP to verify the phone number. Also, we have provided safety precautions guide lines that every user should follow before taking the ride, which will ensure the user's safety

Two most important consideration

1. personal health hazard due to large number of vehicles on the road causing congestion which leads to

(a) stress while driving and travelling

(b) inhaling pollutants like dust and smoke

(c) accidents

2. saving nature, one ride at a time So, to say, Hapi Rides (or By using Hapi Rides)

(a) Saves time, saves money, saves natural resources like petrol/diesel and precious forex

(b) Leads to Lesser vehicles on the road; lesser the pollution, reduces risk of asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer & heart disease

(c) Gives a chance for Lesser accidents and loss of property on road

(d) Lends a hand in protecting Mother Earth from pollution and providing our children with a safer atmosphere

(e) Make your daily trip fun filled with new companions and less stress of driving

The idea of the App was started by Vasant Kumar, who has resided at New Delhi for multiple decades and seen the challenge of big city traffic and ensuing health hazard. Now we are a team of young professionals from Tuticorin, who wants to chip-in to the cause of a happy and healthy living

To start with, share your rides and encourage friends and families to share their rides. Read all the safety tips before using a Ride Sharing App. Connect to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for new happenings

Hapi Rides is free to download but payments are made when a user takes or provides a ride. Hapi Rides receives money from users when they take a Ride and compensates users who provide a Ride. The payment calculations are based on Kilometers between the users start location and destination. Hapi Rides keeps a very small portion as its revenue/fees for providing this service

Hapi Rides provide Ride sharing services where the initial number of users does not change once the trip starts which provides a certainty of arrival time to destination for each user. Many Hapi Riders are expected to be available at most common travel times like office time, school time etc. Also, there are no cash transactions on Hapi Rides

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Safety Tips

Keep it handy

  1. 1. Pickup and Drop Off
  2. star Specify a “high-traffic” Safe Place to 'Board' the Vehicle and 'Drop-off'
  3. star Location should be safe for vehicle to halt and pick/drop riders
  4. star Wait in a safe location and follow the app for rides arrival
  1. 2. Verification of the User and Vehicle
  2. star Verify the gender and photo of the User
  3. star Verify the make, model, color and license plate number of the vehicle
  4. star All info is provided in the App
  5. star Do NOT board in case of any mismatch and duly inform Hapi Rides
  1. 3. Check Ratings of Driver and Rider
  2. star Check the User’s rating, ratings on higher side is better. Highest possible is 5 Stars
  3. star User can rate and check other user’s rating
  4. star Drivers and riders can rate each other, which encourages positive interaction
  5. star Hapi Rides advises its users to Rate 5 STARs, unless they find something amiss
  1. 4. Keep Track of your Destination while on the ride, on the Google Maps accessible from inside the App
  2. 5. Inform your family and friends of your trip, use the App’s inbuilt feature 'emergency contacts'. They can even live track your trip
  3. 6. If uncomfortable before or during the trip, LEAVE the ride early
  4. 7. Carry a fully charged cell phone
  5. 8. No cash payments or amount negotiations required


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