Terms and Conditions

Hapi Rides connects Vehicle owners and passengers seeking transport from one location to another location. Vehicle owners and passengers using this service are collectively called “users” hence forth. Hapi Rides does not provide transport service or vehicle for transportation. The users provide transportation service to other users who need transportation services. The users can on their own discourse offer or refuse to provide service or on their own discourse accept or reject the services who are connected through the Hapi Rides platform. Any decision by a user to offer or accept services once such user is matched through the Hapi Rides platform is a decision made in such user’s sole discretion. Each transportation service provided by a vehicle owner to a rider shall constitute a separate agreement between such persons

1.1 Scope and Definitions

  1. These General Conditions of Use apply to all services provided by Hapi Rides (defined herein below). Hapi Rides owns and operates the App and Website (defined herein below) in India
  2. Defined Terms
  3. “Hapi Rides” means Hapi Rides LLP a company, registered in India under company number AAH-4915, and hereafter referred to as company. The registered office of the company is at F1, Tamilar Enclave, Palam, New Delhi 110045.
  4. “Vehicle Sharing” or “Ride Share” means the sharing of a Vehicle for a Trip by a Vehicle Owner carrying a Rider or Riders for that Trip in exchange for a Cost Consideration
  5. “Conditions” mean these General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Hapi Rides as notified on the App
  6. “Cost Consideration” means the amount agreed between the Vehicle Owner and the Rider in relation to the Trip which is payable by the Rider as their contribution towards the costs of the Trip
  7. “Rider” means a User who has accepted an offer to be transported by a Vehicle Owner and includes all other persons who accompany such User in the Vehicle for the Trip
  8. “Vehicle Owner” or “Driver” means an User who through the App offers to share a journey on a personal vehicle with a Rider or Riders in exchange for the Cost Contribution
  9. “User” refers to a registered user of the App
  10. “Trip” means a given journey in relation to which a Vehicle Owner and a Rider have agreed upon a transaction with the App
  11. “User Account” means an account with the App opened by a User and used in order to access the Service provided by Hapi Rides through the App
  12. “Vehicle” means the vehicle offered by a Vehicle Owner for Ride Sharing

1.2 Acceptance of Conditions

  1. The Conditions apply to any and all use of the App by a User. By using the App , the Users signify their acceptance to these Conditions in full and agree to be bound by them
  2. No access to the Services will be permitted unless the Conditions are accepted in full. No User is entitled to accept part only of the Conditions. If a User does not agree to the Conditions, such User may not use the Services
  3. All Users agree to comply with the Conditions and accept that their personal data may be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy
  4. In the event that any User fails to comply with any of the Conditions, Hapi Rides reserves the right, but not the obligation at its own discretion, to withdraw the User Account in question and suspend or withdraw all Services to that User without notice
  5. These Conditions are intended to create binding rights and obligations between Users and Hapi Rides in accordance with the Indian Contract Act, 1872

2 Vehicle Owner and Rider Agreements

2.1 Vehicle Owner Agrees

  1. - That the Trip shall not be for any fraudulent, unlawful or criminal activity
  2. - That they will procure for the Vehicle, a comprehensive insurance policy, which provides insurance cover to the occupants in the Vehicle and covers third party liability
  3. - That they will present themselves on time and at the place agreed with the specified Vehicle
  4. - That they will immediately inform all Riders of any change whatsoever to the Trip. If one or more Riders have made a booking and the Vehicle Owner decides to change any aspect of the Trip, the Vehicle Owner undertakes to inform all Riders, through inbuilt messaging service via notifications, who have made a booking in relation to that Trip and to obtain the agreement of all Riders to the change. If a Rider refuses the change, they are entitled to not being charged for the trip without any compensation being paid to the Vehicle Owner
  5. - The Vehicle Owner must wait for the Rider at the pickup point for at least 10 minutes after the agreed time (however, the Rider is expected to be punctual)

2.2 Rider Agreements

  1. - That the Trip shall not be for any fraudulent, unlawful or criminal activity
  2. - That they will present themselves on time and at the place agreed with the Vehicle Owner
  3. - That they will immediately inform the Vehicle Owner if they are required to cancel a Trip
  4. - The Rider agrees to wait at the pickup point for at least 10 minutes after the agreed time for the Vehicle Owner to arrive
  5. - That they will pay the Cost Contribution to Hapi Rides through the payment gateway presented, at the end of trip
  6. If the Rider or Vehicle Owner fail to comply with any of these terms or any other Conditions Hapi Rides reserves the right to keep information relating to the breach, to publish or disclose this information on the Member’s online profile and to suspend or withdraw the User’s access to the App
  7. That they shall ensure that all other persons who accompany the Rider in the Trip comply with these Conditions as applicable to a Rider

3 Verification of IDs and Phone number

  1. By accepting the terms and conditions contained herein, every User or any person who wishes to join as a User hereby agrees and consents to the fact that Hapi Rides may collect IDs or documents belonging to them including but not limited to Aadhaar card, PAN card and passport for the purpose of verification of the information contained in such IDs or documents by third party service providers
  2. In order to start the registration process, User have to verify their mobile number. The User may do this by providing Hapi Rides with their mobile phone number, after which the User will receive a SMS with a 4-digit code which can be validated on the App. This service is free of charge, except for the possible cost levied by a User’s mobile phone operator for receiving the SMS

4 Contacting Users

  1. By accepting the terms and conditions contained herein, every User hereby agrees and gives consent to Hapi Rides to communicate via phone calls, SMS, email and such other means as Hapi Rides may deem fit. Such communications to Users may be recorded through technical support provided by third parties for the purpose of training, quality and for regularly updating the Users about the services of Hapi Rides

5 Messages between Members

  1. Hapi Rides may review, scan, and moderate the messages the Users exchange with each other through the App for fraud prevention, customer support purposes, enforcement of the contracts entered into with Hapi Rides’s users (such as the Conditions) and ensure compliance with applicable law
  2. By using the App and accepting the Terms and Conditions, the User agrees that Hapi Rides, in its sole discretion, may review, analyse and moderate the messages exchanged through the App
  3. By using the messaging feature of the App, the User undertakes not to write and/or send any message prohibited by applicable law. In particular, the User undertakes to refrain from writing/sending any message with content:
  4. - owned by another person and to which the User does not have any right to;
  5. - is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous defamatory, obscene, pornographic;
  6. - harms minors in any way;
  7. - infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights;
  8. - deceives or misleads the addressee about the origin of such messages or communicates any information which is grossly offensive or menacing in nature;
  9. - impersonates another person;
  10. - contains software viruses that limit the functionality of any computer resource; and
  11. - threatens the unity, integrity, defense, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any other nation;
  12. - violates any law for the time being in force
  13. In addition, the User undertakes to send messages only with respect to the booking of Vehicle-sharing and in line with the purposes of this App. The User undertakes to refrain from using the messages for private or confidential communications
  14. Hapi Rides reserves the right to filter or delete the messages and suspend or terminate the User Account of the User and the access of the User to the App if it appears during the moderation of the messages sent by the User that she/he does not comply with the Conditions and/or applicable law

6 Management of Disputes Between Users

  1. Hapi Rides may at its sole discretion provide its Users with an online service for resolving disputes. This service is non-binding. Hapi Rides is under no obligation to seek to resolve disputes and this service is offered at Hapi Rides’s sole discretion and may be withdrawn at any time

7 Payments

All transactions on the app shall be in Indian Rupees

Once an User registers on App, we maintain an user account to keep a record of all user transactions with the App. Payments connected with participation in the services will be made to and from this account

When making a payment, users should ensure that the instrument used to make the payment is their own and is used to recharge and pay into their user account only

Credit card, Debit card and internet banking payments are processed through third party payment gateways. Similarly, other payment modes also require an authorization by the intermediary which processes payments. We are not responsible for delays or denials at their end and processing of payments will be solely in terms of their policies and procedures without any responsibility or risk at our end. If there are any issues in connection with deposits, a complaint may be sent to us following the complaints procedure provided in “Complaints and disputes” section below. User agrees that in such an event of their credit being delayed or eventually declined for reasons beyond our control, we will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever

We have the right to cancel a transaction at any point of time solely according to our discretion in which case if the payment is successful, then the transaction will be reversed and the money credited back to users payment instrument

Payments to Vehicle owner

Hapi Rides may reimburse the Vehicle owner for their services either through bank check or bank account transfer. Any fund in their favor will be automatically adjusted towards subsequent availing of services as a Rider. Funds will be subject to be transferred to Vehicle owner in one week’s time from the date of credit to their account by the Riders who travelled with the Vehicle owner

Cancellation Policy of the Ride

Riders are not charged any cancellation fees if the trip has not started If the trip is in progress and Rider has provided their OTP to the Vehicle owner then they will be required to pay the full trip cost as determined before the trip started

Vehicle owners are currently not subjected to pay any fees if the rides are cancelled anytime

Additional charges that may apply

Certain additional charges may be levied upon the user by the Company, or by payment gateways, banks or other intermediaries, at the time of Payment or Deposit and Withdrawals. User agree to pay any such additional charges, which may vary between various banks, payment processors or other intermediaries

8 Disclaimer of warranties and no liability of Company

  1. User acknowledges that the Company is acting as a marketplace for Ride sharing for people offering rides and searching rides on the same and nearby route. The service offered through Hapi Rides is provided on "As Is" basis without any representation or warranty of any kind from the Company, either expressed or implied, including without limitation, any representation or warranty for timeliness, safety, continuity, uninterrupted travel, quality, conditions of Vehicle, driving skill, performance for any particular purpose with respect to the Ride
  2. The Company endeavors to provide information which is accurate, complete, and reliable posted on Hapi Rides App. However, Company makes no representation about correctness of the Registration Data available on Hapi Rides or any other information published on Hapi Rides at any point of time. All information, picture(s), graphics, content is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied by Company on Hapi Rides App
  3. We may alter or modify the Terms at any time without giving prior notice to the user. Users continued use of the App and/or any Services offered constitutes their unconditional acceptance of the modified or amended Terms

9 Complaints & disputes

If User have a complaint, User should in the first instance contact the customer support team at support@hapirides.com. Complaints should be made as soon as possible after circumstances arise that cause User to have a complaint

User accept that any complaints and disputes are and remain confidential both whilst a resolution is sought and afterwards. User agree that they shall not disclose the existence, nature or any detail of any complaint or dispute to any third party

Hapi Rides shall make efforts to resolve complaints within reasonable time

Our decision on complaints shall be final and binding on the User

10 Governing law, dispute resolution & jurisdiction

The Terms and Privacy Policy shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of India

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of the Terms or Privacy Policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the civil courts at Delhi